File Upload

2 ways to upload: WeTransfer or FTP Client

WeTransfer makes it easy to send us large files over the cloud!  Just click through to our upload page and drag and drop your files into the window.


FTP is a great way to get your files to O’Dell Printing. Many of our customers routinely transfer large files to us over the internet rather than burning a disc or even having to leave the office.

FTP File Uploading Procedure…

  • Please collect all files and fonts required to output your job in a single folder labeled with an identifiable name. Also include a PDF that represents the final artwork to be used during our internal proofing procedure.
  • When collection is complete, create a compressed archive of the folder (i.e. Stuffit archive or .zip). Folders cannot be uploaded without stuffing. Stuffing the files will also reduce the risk of file corruption during transfer.
  • After the file transfer is complete please contact your sales representative or a production coordinator to alert the prepress department and expedite preflight and subsequent production scheduling. Contact information can be found online here or by calling 707-585-2718.

FTP Client Connection Info…

To make this happen you need to have an FTP client installed on your computer. Some of the many popular PC based FTP clients are: SmartFTP, Cute FTP, FTP Explorer and WS_FTP. For Macs you can try: Fetch and Cyberduck. Although there are many options, they all work basically the same. Most offer free trial periods to determine if this is something you need.

Once you have an FTP client installed file tranfer is actually very easy. Be sure to enter the path. Do keep in mind that this information must be entered EXACTLY as you see below:

Server (or Host):

Path: /pub/users/prepress

Username: anonymous

Password: (leave this blank- don’t type anything)

Once you get connected you’ll see an Incoming and an Pickup folder. Just drop your file into the Incoming folder- your client should indicate the progress of the upload as it’s copying. Don’t be alarmed that you don’t see the file in our Incoming folder after the transfer is finished – that’s for security purposes. You won’t be able to see or download any of the files in this folder, including your own. Still having trouble uploading?


dialog box in Cyberduck

–SmartFTP dialog box

Tip In some clients the path area is difficult to find. You may have to click around – try looking for an “options” dialog box. (After the first time you successfully connect you can bookmark our site for future use).

Still having trouble?

  • Did you enter the path? Entering the path when you connect (see examples above) willl take you directly to the Incoming and Pickup folders. Not entering the path will mean trying to navigate through a large amount of folders to get to the Incoming folder.
  • Did you compress the file? Uncompressed folders cannot be uploaded.
  • Did you enter everything exactly as directed? (see above)
  • Miss-typing a keystroke can often lead to connection problems.


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